Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems

Her are some Halloween Poems for you. Halloween is the day to participate in cheerfulness, have a ton of fun and bother the individuals around you. All things considered, it is the main day on which nobody will chasten you or be irate with you, for pulling tricks on them. Halloween is likewise the day to make up for lost time with old companions, by organizing parties or social affairs. You can likewise connect with individuals who are away from you, on this day, by sending them cards, be it through mail or the web. Do try to customize the card before sending it, by thinking of some decent Halloween lyrics and wishes in that. On the off chance that you need any assistance in such manner, we are here totally at your administration.

Short Halloween Poems

Five Little Pumpkin Sitting On A Gate

Five little pumpkins sitting on a door, The first stated, “Goodness my, it’s getting late.” The subsequent one stated, “Yet we couldn’t care less.” The third one stated, “I see witches noticeable all around.” The fourth one stated, “How about we run, and run, and run.” The fifth one stated, “Prepare for some good times.” Then whoosh went the breeze, And out went the lights, And five little pumpkins took off of sight! – Author Unknown


There’s a troll at my window, A beast by my entryway. The pumpkin at my table Keeps on grinning to an ever increasing extent. There’s a phantom who frequents my room, A witch whose face is green. They used to be my family, Till they dressed for Halloween. – by Sandra Liatsos

Walk Into My Parlor

“Will you stroll into my parlor?” Said the insect to the fly; “Tis the prettiest little parlor that you at any point spied. The route into my parlor is up a winding stair, And I have numerous inquisitive things to demonstrate when you are there.” “Gee golly, no!” said the little fly, “To ask me is futile; For who goes up your winding stair Can never descend again.” – Mary Howitt

Halloween Poetry For Kids


Halloween Magic

A bare headed phantom Drank a few witches’ blend And over his head A bizarre thing developed. It was pointed and tall And dark as a bat With stringy long hair Where his head was level. The tragic little apparition Didn’t need any hair Or a dark pointed cap So he stated, “Witch be careful!” Then he recited a few words With a spell-throwing switch And gave Halloween Night A bare headed witch!! – Barbara M. Hales


Tonight is the night When dead leaves fly Like witches on switches Across the sky, When mythical person and sprite Flit during that time On a moony sheen.

Today around evening time is the night When leaves make a sound Like a little person in his home Under the ground, When scares and trolls Creep out of openings Mossy and green.

Today around evening time is the night When pumpkins gaze Through parcels and leaves Everywhere, When fiends and phantom And troll host Dance round their ruler. It’s Halloween. – Harry Behn