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Halloween Horror Nights Oct 2019

Halloween Horror Nights (once in the past known as Fright Nights). Is a yearly exceptional occasion that happens at Universal Studios topic parksin Florida, California, Singapore, and Japan. The parks stay operational during the day and progress to Halloween Horror Nights around evening time.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

The Halloween-themed occasion happens throughout the fall season and highlights frequented houses, alarm zones and live excitement. A considerable lot of which utilize Universal Studios’ characters. Its target group are adolescents and youthful grown-ups.


Start of Halloween Horror Nights


Halloween Horror Nights started at Universal Studios Florida in 1991 under the title Fright Nights. It started as a three-night occasion on October 25, 26, and 31, 1991. With one frequented house, The Dungeon of Terror.

The main year, the confirmation cost was $12.95. From 1991–2001, the occasion was held at Universal Studios Florida.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

The Rename


The occasion was renamed “All inclusive Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights” in 1992. And publicized as the second yearly Halloween Horror Nights. There were two frequented houses, with The Dungeon of Terror coming back to the Jaws line building. And The People Under The Stairs making its presentation in Soundstage 23. The occasion ran five evenings, October 23, 24, 29, 30, and 31.


Third Annual


The Third Annual Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida saw the occasion increment to seven evenings. Because of the re-opening of the Jaws fascination. The in-park frequented house moved from the Jaws line in Amity to the Nazarman’s veneer in the New York region.

The quantity of frequented houses expanded to three, with the third at the Bates Motel set at Universal Studios Florida. Halloween Horror Nights 4 extended to an eight-night keep running in 1994.

This year denoted the arrival of a recently structured Dungeon of Terror, alongside three progressively frequented houses. Notwithstanding Nazarman’s and the Bates Motel, the new areas were in the Earthquake flood line and the Boneyard.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

Demon School


This year additionally denoted the primary utilization of the expression “Scaracters”. Just as the main authority “Demon School” for entertainers partaking in the event. Ticket costs expanded to $36 this year.

Halloween Horror Nights V highlighted a 12-night run and three frequented houses, one of which was a double way house. It was additionally the first run through Universal themed. The occasion around a character, for this situation Tales from the’s Crypt Keeper. The occasion was subtitled “The Curse of the Crypt Keeper”.


Occasion symbols


Halloween Horror Nights has amassed various lead characters, known as symbols. These symbols for the most part have expound back-stories that include the occasions’ subjects, houses, or alarm zones. Dominatingly, they have been utilized for limited time materials and promoting.

The main informal symbol was Crypt Keeper, from the TV arrangement Tales from the Crypt. An arrangement famous at the season of his first occasion appearance. The Crypt Keeper restored the following year for one of the houses, yet was not included in the promoting effort.

After the Crypt Keeper, the occasion proceeded for a long time without a symbol. In 1999, Imhotep filled in as Icon. For Halloween Horror Nights X, Jack the Clown was included as a symbol. This speaks to the first run through Universal made a symbol in-house.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights



The spooky houses are the principle attractions at the occasion. At the point when the occasion previously began as “Trepidation Nights” at Universal Studios Florida. There was just one frequented house, the Dungeon of Terror.

As the occasion advanced as the years progressed, the number has expanded to upwards of nine distinct houses. As of Halloween Horror Nights 26 in 2016. It was declared on June 7, 2018 that Halloween Nights 28 in Orlando. Would highlight 10 houses, the most in the occasions history.

The houses are identified in the expandable graphs above for each park, arranged by year. The occasion ordinarily midpoints nine frequented houses alongside various panic zones.


Alarm zones


Halloween  Nights IV was the primary year to present an “alarm zone”. A name given to explicit open air zones that element costumed characters. That fit the subject with the plan of terrifying individuals who stroll through the zones.

To get to specific zones of the recreation center, it is important to go through these panic zones. In 2012, Orlando re-imagined the alarm zones as “road encounters,”.

Guaranteeing that alarm on-screen characters were never again confined to explicit “zones.” Instead, there were various “crowds”. Which would change their area in the recreation center at regular intervals.


Live stimulation


Halloween Nights has included a few live diversion appears. Repeating shows have included “The Rocky Horror Picture Show A Tribute”. “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure”, Robosaurus and Academy of Villains.

Bill and Ted’s show had showed up in each Halloween Horror Nights release to date. Starting with Halloween Nights 2 out of 1992. It is “…a dissipate shot mashup of popular culture. Mainstream radio and out of the blue develop content” as per a review. Halloween Horror Nights 27 was the last year for the Bill and Ted Show




A few rides stay operational during the event. In past occasion years, a few rides were re-themed for the occasion, for example. Kongfrontation getting to be Tramway of Doom during Halloween Nights.

Since 2015 Diagon Alley has been open for Halloween Horror Nights. It was shut off in 2014 regardless of opening only a couple of months sooner. And to date it has not been re-themed or had any alarm entertainers present


Ads, media, and grants


All inclusive’s Halloween Nights is known for the dim tone of its notices and ads. A dominant part of them were coordinated by Dean Kane. In 2010, the chiefs of Daybreakers, Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig, coordinated the business for Halloween Horror